Our Company Atelier Forme Ltd was founded in the year 2000 and we have continuously sought to diversify into the Products and Services Trade Sector :


Establishment of the Company and Development of our First Import-Export Department dedicated to the Trade of Raw Materials and Vintage Restored Furniture.


Diversification and Expansion of our Activity in the Service Sector, particularly in the Sports and Wellness Market.


Creation and Development of our “Aesthetic” Department, including Aesthetic Medicine Services.


ATELIER FORME TRADING Department is Established as a Commodity Trading Entity with Highly Qualified Experts in their Fields, Headed by a Senior Commodity Analyst Trader and a Senior Commodity Trader, formerly a CBOT (Chicago Board of Trade) Floor Trader.


AFT main Differentiation Strategy is to reduce the chain of intermediaries and thus to create a strong single-actor connection between Producers and Wholesalers.

Atelier Forme Trading has succeeded in establishing itself as an Innovative and Disruptive Key Player in an environment primarily dominated by Multinationals Conglomerates.

AFT is guided, first and foremost, by an Ethical Mission to serve regions faced with a scarcity of Agricultural Products by sourcing them directly from Best-in-Class Producers and thus rebalancing supply and demand.


The corporate culture of AFT is organized around three core values : Integrity, Commitment and Excellence.

These are the three keys of success for each operation carried out by AFT.
They are essential for achieving our main operational goal : To ensure customer satisfaction and maintain strong ties and relationships with each of our partners.


ATELIER FORME TRADING is constantly identifying and sourcing new, High-Quality Products and then exporting them to Wholesalers in regions with demand for such products.

Through balancing supply and demand, we connect Producers with Wholesalers.
We execute commodity supply operations from start to finish : from the Procurement, Purchase and Transportation to the final delivery.

The in-depth, local knowledge of AFT employees in every region where we operate allows us to Maximize the Quality/Price Ratio of our Products.
Our commercial teams conduct business based on Low-Risk Transaction Models, thus ensuring optimal conditions for our clients.

Through its Expansive Network of Partners and our various transportation solutions, AFT can process and distribute both small volumes and large quantities using Containers, Coasters or Large Vessels Charters. This, in turn, allows us to Assist Customers of all Types.